Fighter Profiles

Sonny AdamskiSonny Adamski

Age:19  Height: 5’8″
Current Weight: 155  Target Fighting Weight: 135
Profession/Employer: Barista, I make the coffee taste good.

Bio: Deep in the deserts of Mexico, near the border of Texas, there was a young boy fighting for survival, beating back packs of wolves with a stick, punching cactus’ just for a sip of water. Trekking through the Chihuanhuan desert with the feeble hopes of eventually reaching the fabled land of America, he met a man, at least he thoughtit was a man, he was so tired it could have been a figment of his imagination. There in the desert so close to his destination this man told him to go further, to the darker, colder lands of Canada, and to seek Peter Martell, Master of all things combat, in hopes of being trained in the way of mixed martial arts. Knowing that this must be done, Sonny, The Desert Boy, journeyed up through America until he reached the frosty coast of Nova Scotia. Then, finally, standing before the doors of the notorious Halifax Titans Gym, he knew his journey was nowhere near completed…

Reason I want to be a fighter: The Mirage in the desert told me too.

Favorite MMA Fighters:  Ian Mcall


Melissa BuddMelissa Budd

Age: 19 Height: 5’5
Current Weight: 140lbs Target Fighting Weight: TBD
Profession/Employer: Student at MSVU studying to become a Social Worker. Also I work at the schools Information Center.

Bio: On April 24th, 1992 a bouncy baby girl named Melissa Danielle Budd was born in Moncton, New Brunswick. She is the middle child of two older sisters and two younger brothers. She graduated Riverview High School in 2010, and since then has been studying at Mount Saint Vincent University to become a Social Worker. She has participated in many sports over the years but the main one was Figure Skating for 3 1/2 years and the rest were mainly for a past time such as soccer. Melissa is known for her sense of humous and contagious smile. She’s very determined and out going, and hopes this will aide her in seeing her dreams unfold in the years to come.

Reason I want to be a fighter: For starters, my whole life has been a fight. It may not have been physically but certainly emotionally. Since I was 16 I have been out on my own having to fight for everything that I have. Nothing has ever been handed to me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is just another obstacle, another challenge that I can over come. Challenges give me a sense of liberation and self-actualization. When people first see me, their automatic reaction is “girlie-girl” and ” She could never become a fighter”. Literally when I told people I wanted to do this they laughed in my face. Well I’m here to prove that I can become a fighter and that I have the determination and the will power to push through this adventure and make it to where no one thought I could, I even expect to surprise myself a little bit. I know that I have the amount of discipline and fight in order to see this through and that’s just what I’m going to do.

Favorite MMA Fighter: This one’s tricky. I don’t know too many so I’ll say, Georges St-Pierre, or more commonly known as GSP!

Nickie ClerouxNickie Cleroux

Age: 27  Height: 5’6″
Current Weight: 150 Target Fighting Weight: 120

Profession / Employer: Registered Nurse

Bio: Born in Miramichi, raised in Napan, NB. I participated in many sports and activities growing up; basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball and rugby. I graduated from James M. Hill Memorial High School, then completed my BscN at Dalhousie University. I played Rugby for Dalhousie and continued with the TARS Rugby Club, where I’ve played for the last 8 years. I have also played for the Nova Scotia Provincial team for 3 years. I Work at CDHA, I started on 9B (gastrointestinal floor) for 4 years, then I moved to the RAU, which opened a year and a half ago. Last April I was married in Mexico, with friends and family, to Ron Cleroux, and currently reside in Halifax.

Reason I want to be a fighter: Not so long ago I weighed 240Ibs, of which I have lost 92, and want to see how far I can push myself. I have always been a competitor in contact sports as a team member, but never on an individual level. I want to see just how far I can push myself.

Favorite MMA Fighters: Randy Couture and GSP.

Luke and Jock (Luke Conrad and Jock Hiltz)


Age: 31 Height: 5’10”
Current Weight: 220lbs  Target Fighting Weight: 145 lbs
Profession/Employer: Musician/Actor/Cartoon Drawer

Follow Luke on Twitter: @lukeandjock

Bio: Born in the back woods of Beaverbank I spent my childhood climbing trees, buiding tree forts and lighting things on fire. I have spent the past four years with Jock Hiltz traveling North America building a name in the entertainment world through reality TV, you can see all the details at . Currently not having a permanent residency, Jock and I call a 1984 short wheel base cargo van home, but you can call her Sally. To round up spare change between reality shows I draw cartoons and shoot birds at the airport.

Reason I want to be a fighter: I’ve been wanting to drop a few pounds and this seems like a really good way to get a physique close to as good as Jock Hiltz’s.

Favorite MMA Fighters: Ken Shamrock and Hulk Hogan


Age: 29 Height: 5’9”
Current Weight: 175lbs  Target Fighting Weight: TBD
Profession/Employer: Musician/Actor

Follow Jock on Twitter: @jockhiltz

Bio: Born and raised just outside of Chester in the community of Martin’s Point, I enjoyed the slower paced life that comes with living near the ocean. The last 4 years of my life has been spent travelling North America with Luke Conrad seeking to build a name for ourselves through reality TV. I have participated and been successfully rejected from 10 reality shows and have no plans in stopping, details can be seen at Learning to be cage fighter is just going to add to my utility belt of awesome traits.

Reason I want to be a fighter: Every guy has this internal urge to be like Van Damme…

Favorite MMA Fighter: GSP

James CrowsonJames Crowson

Age: 41 Height: 5’8″
Current Weight: 155 pounds Target Fighting Weight: 145
Profession / Employer: Glass blower, Nova Scotian Crystal

Bio: Born in rural Manitoba, and have lived all over Canada. Had lots of interesting jobs, including farmer, fisherman, bike courier, wild mushroom picker, etc, etc. Like to surf, dislike the cold. In a couple of years I want to go on an epic road trip that starts here and ends in southern Chile.

Reason I want to be a fighter: Staving off a mid life crisis.

Favorite MMA Fighters: GSP, Clay Guida



Janette D'EntremontJanette Thérèse d’Entremont

Age: 23 Height: 5’6
Current Weight: 148 Target Fighting Weight: 135
Profession / Employer: Full time Mother and Studying Elementary Education

Follow Janette on Twitter: @Janettedent

Bio: I wanted to be a school teacher my whole life, never an MMA fighter. I am currently a full-time student studying my last year to become an elementary school teacher. I dedicate spending all my spare time with my beautiful 16 month old daughter Rylee, she’s my motivation and will be the one to get me through this training program. My fiancé, Mike Kent, is a professional MMA fighter currently undefeated (7-0). He recently suffered multiple concussions and was unsure if he would ever be able to step into the cage again. This was an extremely difficult time for us, because MMA is his passion. When I heard about this program, I knew that I would do it, to make him proud and to allow him to continue his dream through me.

Reason I want to be a fighter: Obviously to kick the shit out of people, could there be another reason?

Favorite MMA Fighters: Mike Kent (my fiancé) and Chael Sonnen

Rick Doyle

Age: 40  Height: 5’7″
Current Weight: 175lbs  Target Fighting Weight: TBD
Profession/Employer: Scott Farms

Bio: Former pro wrestler Trash Canyon

Reason I want to be a fighter: Not sure.

Favorite MMA Fighters: Don’t have one.

Norm FergusonNorm Ferguson

Age: 40 Height: 5’10”
Current Weight: 225 Target Fighting Weight: 185-190
Profession/Employer: Dentist

Follow Norm on Twitter: @eastcanman

Bio: Norm Ferguson is from Pictou County, Nova Scotia. Norm has been a practicing dentist for almost 12 years, having earned his dental degree at Dalhousie University in Halifax. His interests include playing piano and guitar, volunteering as a soccer coach, acting in local theater, and looking for exciting new experiences and challenges. Norm is married, and has two daughters, all of whom support him in this unique new challenge.

Reason I want to be a fighter: To experience the physical and mental challenges of training, as a means of achieving an entirely new level of personal growth. He wants to mix things up a bit, add to his life’s resume.

Favorite MMA Fighter: Georges St. Pierre

Steve “the Calculator” Goodfellow

Age: 40  Height: 5’7″
Current Weight: 158  Target Fighting Weight: 145
Profession/Employer:  Vice President, Valuation & Business Modelling, Ernst & Young LLP

Follow Steve on Twitter: @theCalculator

Bio: A born and raised Haligonian, I studied business administration at the University of New Brunswick, later completing my Chartered Accountant and Chartered Business Valuator designations; foolishly believing adding letters behind my last name would distract people from ribbing me over it.  The second child in a string of three boys and a girl, I come from the strongest of families.  Six years ago I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease with no cure and within a few short months I was shredded!  At less than a hulking 120 pounds I had my entire colon, appendix and rectum removed (too much information?) and was left with an ileostomy.  All of a sudden, I wasn’t able to do basic things like go swimming, take my shirt off in public, play any contact sports, or lie on my side or stomach.  Martial arts was something I had always been fascinated with and had always put off until next year.   Eighteen months and two more surgeries later and the doctors were able to “reverse” the ileostomy.  When I saw the invitation for the Cubicle to the Cage tryouts, I immediately recalled what I would have given for an opportunity to try something like this out a few years ago and I just knew I had to give it a shot.

Reason I want to be a fighter:  I absolutely love this sport!  Having been a fan from its early days, witnessing its extraordinary continuous ongoing evolution, I crave the opportunity to quietly win over a cynic or two who view the sport as solely brutal and violent while missing the appreciation for its overwhelming technical skill requirements, cerebral aspects, and deserved recognition as the sport that demands the most athletic and highly conditioned athletes in the world.  That and its another reflection of my bi-polar condition and provides me with an outlet for mood swings and fits of rage that are apparently unacceptable in the office and board room…

Favorite MMA Fighters:  The real life Rocky, Frankie Edgar, and the incredible talent, Ronda Rousey


Harold KennedyHarold Kennedy  / NewScott

Age: 30 Height: 5’11”
Current Weight: 185lbs Target Fighting Weight: 185 or 170
Profession / Employer: Stay at home Step-Dad to two autistic boys.
Follow Harold on Twitter: @NewScott
Bio: Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I’ve played hockey until the age of 18, been a fan of professional wrestling my whole life, been involved with promoting/ filming / everything else in professional wrestling for over 10 years. I am an avid DVD collector owning almost 3000 dvds, I have been training in the gym for 5 years now and love to study about bodybuilding and nutrition. I run my own website and blog at . I also live the straight edge life style No Drugs, No Tobacco, No Alcohol.
Reason I want to be a fighter: I’ve always been a very competitive person, and competing in MMA is the ultimate in competition. I want to prove to myself that I can do it.
Favorite MMA Fighters: Matt Hughes, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Chael Sonnen, Wanderli SilvaBJ Penn, Brock Lesnar.

Angel Kozlowski

Age: 36  Height: 5’5″
Current Weight: 170lbs Target Fighting Weight: 125-130lbs

Profession: Dental Assistant

Bio: Angel is a single parent of 2 and works full time as a Dental Assistant. She also works part time as instructor/co owner of newly opened Victory Taekwondo, along side her sister, Sherry. Since obtaining her Black Belt in the early 90’s, Angel has been active in competition, both locally and nationally. After a few minor set backs, Angel chose to explore other Martial Arts, and has since been dreaming and talking about fighting in the cage. She did not think this dream would be a reality. MMA fighter, Devin Viner said “You can’t do something like this part time.” And working full time with two children, also in sports, it would be near impossible for Angel to learn everything she needed to learn. When this amazing opportunity with Peter Martell and Titans MMA presented itself, she knew, with the help and support of her family, this dream could become real.

Why I want to be a Fighter: MMA fighting is a sport. A male dominated sport. I want to fight because I want to show the world that women can be just as skilled and exciting to watch as men. It’s not about “beating people up” it’s about displaying the skills you have worked so hard to achieve and perfect, just like any other sport. I also want my children to see first hand that with hard work and determination, dreams can come true.

Favorite MMA fighters: Royce Gracie because he’s a living legend, and I met him, and Tannaya Hantelman, Titans MMA. I have watched her fights over and over on youtube, she’s amazing and a true inspiration to women.

Bradley Joseph Lawrence
Age: 28 Height: 5’6″
Current Weight: 180 Target Fighting Weight: 165
Profession/Employer: Inside sales – Wolseley Mech Inc.
Bio: I’m originally from Spryfield, now living in fairview with my fiance. I enjoy sports and music. I have previously played in a heavy metal band for about 6 years before disbanding due to band mates moving or going to school. Growing up in Spryfield I’ve gotten into my share of scraps when I was younger and could always hold my own against bigger guys. Now I’m very excited to be a part of a professional MMA gym and team and to be able to properly train (ie. not punching and kicking broken 60 gallon water heaters to death …lol).
Reason I want to be a fighter: So no one else steals my lunch money from me!!!!
Favorite MMA Fighters: Bj Penn, Bas Rutten, Tank Abbott, Nick and Nate, Hendo, Jon Lewis, Shogun.
Lisa LawrenceLisa Lawrence

Age:  23 Height: 5’5
Current Weight: 165 Target Fighting Weight: TBD
Profession / Employer: Booking and Registration Clerk for the NS Breast Screening Program (Capital Health)
Follow Lisa on Twitter: @lisanicole2216
Bio: Family is the most important thing in life to me. I enjoy spending time with my family and going to visit family members who live away from NS. I’m pretty easy going and love to travel within Nova Scotia and abroad and trying new activities and adventures! I consider myself very social and love to plan and organize events. I love music of almost all types and I love animals, especially dogs! I’ve had a huge physical transformation in the past year and a bit, as I’ve lost a huge amount of weight through hard work and commitment, both skills will be passed down now to training with Titans. Mixed martial arts is all very new to me, as I have no experience with martial arts, fighting, boxing or the like but I am very excited and thankful for the opportunity to work with some of Nova Scotias finest through Titans MMA.
Reason I want to be a fighter:Friends and family members know me well, and they know me as a giving, kind, caring, woman who’s very social,  loves to volunteer, give back, and fundraise for causes she believes in. I’ve never been in any fights or major conflict, and I’m against violence.  No one expect me to want to even try to yet become a MMA fighter so a lot of people still are in disbelief this is something I’m doing. But its something that I want to prove to myself that if I really want something, I can work for it and achieve it.
Favorite MMA Fighters:  UFC’s Nick Diaz (& I like Nate alot too & have been learning lots about the Gracie Academy). I love Nick’s trash talk & bad attitude but quick and precise fighting skills to back it up & Titans own Ricky Goodall is my local favorite.
Jake MacDougallJake MacDougall
Age: 28  Height: 6’0″
Current Weight:160 Target Fighting Weight:145
Profession/Employer:Geotechnical/Environmental Driller
Bio:Born in Halifax and raised in Eastern Passage, NS where he currently resides with his beautiful wife Meghan and their two Boston Terriers Judea and Moses. Once went through a spiritual experience leading him to give away all of his belongings, and sleep on a thin mat on his floor for a year and a half. Then moved to British Columbia to study in a community of Benedictine Monks on a mountain for a year. Ultimately returned home, and has been drilling ever since.
Reason I want to be a fighter:I want to get hit, and I want to hit back.
Favorite MMA Fighters: Diego Sanchez, Donald Cerrone

Claire MacEwenClaire MacEwen  

Age: 22  Height: 5’ 3”
Current Weight: 138 lbs Target Fighting Weight: TBD

Profession / Employer:  Anthropology Student at MSVU, and also works as the Executive Vice President of the Students’ Union.

Bio: Born December 12, 1989, Claire grew up in the beautiful small community of Chester, Nova Scotia.  As a child, Claire was involved in every sport she could, but found figure skating as her passion and trained and competed for 10 years, spending more time at the rink than away from it. Since graduating high school in 2008, Claire has been living in Halifax studying anthropology and French at MSVU, and can always be seen getting involved with campus activities. Claire is known for her boundless energy, willingness to help others, and dry sense of humour.  A diligent worker who enjoys pushing the limit, she believes this opportunity is the perfect fit for her.

Reason I want to be a fighter:  Where to start! First of all, I am one of those people who if confronted with a challenge will fight through it to get to where I want to be.  Whether it’s academics, or a sport, I don’t settle for mediocracy. I can’t think of a better way to push myself mentally, physically, and emotionally than this program.  This becomes even more important to me considering experiences I’ve had.  There have been times in my life when I’ve needed to protect myself or those I care about and I wasn’t able to because I didn’t have the knowledge, strength or skill.  That feeling of weakness, fear and helplessness is incomparable.  I know I have the will power and drive to make it through this challenge and remembering that helpless feeling only feeds my fire. I may be underestimated now by those who laugh at me when I tell them I’m taking this on, but I am here to prove to them that I have the courage and ambition to become a fighter, and maybe learn some things about myself in the process.

Favorite MMA Fighters: hmmm… well being new to the MMA scene, I don’t know whole lot of fighters.. but I’ll go with Anderson Silva and GSP.

Stephan MacLeod

Steve MacLeod

Age: 42 Height: 5’10”
Current Weight: 174 Target Fighting Weight: 155
Profession / Employer: Technical Analyst / HITS-NS

Follow Steve on Twitter: @SJMacLeod2

Bio: I’m married, step father to two girls and father to one. I was born in Glace Bay, NS and grew up in Winnipeg, Mb. I have been a huge fan of NHB/MMA since 1994. I started training in Muay Thai and strength and conditioning in 1994 with the intentions of fighting NHB. In 1995 I broke my ankle playing football and once that was fully healed and rehabbed I had other priorities. I did occasionally train for a while but did not have the same drive or passion to compete…until now.

Reason I want to be a fighter: I was one of the hardcore fans when the sport began and when it was going through tough times. I  helped to fight for the survival of the sport by emailing politicians and calling cable companies. I wanted to compete at one time and it didn’t work out for me, I knew it would always be a regret. When I’m an old man, sitting in my rocking chair and looking back over my life I want to know that I had what it takes to step up and fight in the sport I’ve invested so much time and passion in as a fan.

Favorite MMA Fighters: Royce Gracie because he was a pioneer. The Titans MMA pro fighters because they’re the Titans MMA pro fighters. My current favorite would be Anderson Silva.

Annie MazerolleAnnie Mazerolle
Age: 28  Height: 5’6″
Current Weight: 195  Target Fighting Weight: 145-155
Profession/Employer: Self-Employed (Owner of Pizza Shack)

Bio: I have a diploma in Corrections and Policing and also attended the University of Moncton for a year where I played hockey with the womens team (Aigles Bleues). Growing up I was very involved in sports. I played badminton for 5 years, soccer for 3 years, softball for 5 years, hockey for 4 years. Did a little bit of track and field and have been boxing on and off for 10 years. I have 9 amateur boxing fights and also won the 2005 Canadian Boxing Champion. I bought my business when I was 21 years old and 5 months pregnant with my son Malik (who is now 6). 4 weeks after I had him I was back to work. I am a hard worker who is not afraid to put in the hours.

Reason I want be a fighter: I love to fight, not to mention I might have a little bit of anger problems and punching people in the face helps me deal with those issues ; ). I missed out on a lot of opportunities when I won Canadian Champion in 2005, because not long after I got pregnant. I was on the National team, I could’ve went to Argentina, Russia, Italy everything payed for, but I couldn’t go because I was pregnant. This opportunity came along and I thought it was perfect. You get to train with a top level team that is going to really push you and get you ready for a fight. In 10 months you will see me fight and hear about me : ).

Favorite MMA fighter: Clay Guita (so relentless), Jose Aldo (just plain good ), Jon Jones (creative).

Megan MilnerMegan Milner

 Age: 30   Height: 5’9″
 Current Weight: 155lb  Target Fighting Weight: 135lb or 145lb.
 Profession/Employer: Blue Ocean Contact Center & GoodLife Fitness
Follow Megan on Twitter: @MeganMilner14
Bio: I’m originally from Amherst NS, and moved to Halifax from Moncton NB. I used to be a valet in pro wrestling and went to wrestling training, but lost interest a few years ago. I work 50hrs a week at a call center and part-time at the desk at a gym, but am willing to sacrifice and work less if necessary to do CttC. I workout 5-6 days a week at 5:30am. I enjoy heavy weight training and body building, but decided a recently to switch to conditioning and lowering my body fat %. I’m already down 6% and almost 20lbs. So how much more I can cut will determine my potential fighting weight. I’m a bit of a loner, so when not at work or at the gym I’m home with my American StaffordShire Terrier. My world revolves my dog. I also have a cat, hamster, and albino king snake. Other interests include clean eating & nutrition, 80’s cartoons, wildlife & environmental documentaries, and being outdoors – especially by water.
Reason I want to be a fighter: I’ve always thought I’d enjoy something full contact. I’m naturally agressive, so mixing that with my above average strength and size for a girl, plus some technique training and hard work, my friends and I think it’s something I could excel at. I also just past the dreaded ’30’ milestone, which can give you a real kick in the pants to reflect on what you’ve done with your life, and so far I’ve just been working mine away day to day at an average job. Having always felt I was meant to do something great, but never knew what it was and nothing ever felt right so far, I thought I’d give this a try to see if this is it.
Favorite MMA Fighter: I haven’t been watching fighting much lately (Shameful, I know! lol), so I don’t really have fav’s. But I tend to lean towards the huge powerhouses.
Megan’s Sponsor: Blue Ocean Contact Centers



Colin MuiseColin Muise
Age: 41 Height: 5′ 11″
Current Weight: 240 Target Fighting Weight: 190-195
Profession/Employer:  BellAlliant FibreOp Door to Door Sales

Bio: Being from a small island with a defective gene pool, my life has been full of challenges.  That being one of them.  The most recent one is I originally thought that the program was to select the next Oprah.  I wondered why my beautiful wife Graziella thought I would be perfect for it.  I thought the cage meant they were taking the format in a new, edgier direction.

Once my wife set me straight, I realized that I have never been able to reach my peak performance as an athlete because I’ve always been out of shape.  And I’m pretty good at a lot of things.  As for Fighting I’ve only ever been in one fight and can’t even spell MMA…oh…wait… I am proud to say I’m 1-0, and it was a doozy.  I live in Halifax with my wife Graziella, my step daughter Nadia and my son Matthew.

Reason I want to be a fighter: My lifelong dream has been to hear the words “Hailing from parts unknown” before my name and if I have to fight someone to realize it, then it’ll be worth it.

Favorite MMA Fighter: Sonny Wilson


Sebastian O'MalleySebastian O’Malley

Age: 33  Height: 6’2″
Current Weight: 185 lbs Target Fighting Weight: Welterweight
Profession / Employer: ESL Teacher

Bio: I was taught from an early age, that we should live every moment and enjoy this life we have on this amazing planet. As we have no idea of knowing when it will end, we should treat every second as if it were our last, and love with our full potential. From being born on a farm in the back woods of PEI, to traveling through Chile and Japan, my life has been governed by one rule; this moment is what you make it. I have been through some very low points in my life, as well as some amazing highs. Through it all, my close family and friends have stuck by my side, and supported me. My beautiful wife and children guided me.   I teach, I fight, I play guitar… but more than anything, I live!

Reason I want to be a fighter: I fight because I choose to embrace the fight within myself. We are our own worst enemy in life, and the drive to overcome must come from within us (both in and out of the ring). I have always enjoyed pushing myself beyond my comfort zone to see what I am truly capable of. When I fight, I do that ten fold, and am truly present and awake in my most centered state. I am surrounded by great teammates and skilled coaches that push and support me, but the drive has come from me, and that is a wonderful thing to feel!   Plus, I grew up watching a crap load of Bruce Lee movies!

Favorite MMA Fighter: GSP

Craig PrideauxCraig Prideaux

Age: 26 Height: 5.11
Current Weight: 180 Target Fighting Weight: 170
Profession / Employer: Car Salesman

Bio: I grew up in the UK until the age of 21 when I spontaneously decided to move to Australia. This seemed much more appealing than settling into a conventional 9 to 5 lifestyle! After Australia I found myself in Canada where over the last 4 years I have adjusted into the light-hearted downtown living, enjoying the more then occasional beer with good friends and taking every moment for what its worth. I enjoy anything that takes me away from the average life style. All in all life is good and I am excited for the opportunity to learn how to fight.

Reason I want to be a fighter: I want to be a fighter so I can meet Gina Carao, and maybe grapple with her a little.

Favorite MMA Fighters: Brendan Schaub, Chris Leben

MarieEve TremblayMarie-Eve Tremblay
Age: 27  Height: 5’4″
Current Weight: 126 lbs  Target Fighting Weight: 110 lbs

Profession/Employer: Citizen Service Officer/Service Canada

Bio: Born and raised on the south shore of Montreal, I’ve always been into sports (figure skating, soccer, fastball, water polo, synchronized swimming, hockey, football, surf, mountain bike, etc.). I’ve always been really competitive and an aggressive player, so my parents never allowed me to take part in combat sports. Two years ago I moved to Nova Scotia to get closer to the ocean (for surfing!) and I started kickboxing training. I really enjoyed it, so here I am today, training to become a champion…

Reason I want to be a fighter: I want to be a fighter to push my limits, to prove to myself that even though I have a busy life, filled with responsibilities, I can achieve something out of the ordinary. I used to think that this sport was just two people randomly hitting each other. Now I know I was wrong! I want to master the techniques, I want to be hit and I want to hit, I want to master self control, I want to know what it feels like to be the winner…

Favorite MMA Fighters: GSP (I’m from Montreal!!!) and Lisa Ellis-Ward

Robin SmithRobin Smith

Age: 21  Height: 5’11
Current Weight:160  Target Fighting Weight: 145 or 155
Profession / Employer: Full time student at Saint Mary’s University.

Bio: I was born May 1st ( I share a birthday with my Father and Great Grand Father) on Cape Sable Island, a small fishing community located at the most southern point of Nova Scotia. Family is the most important thing to me and I enjoy visiting home as much as possible. I’m the middle child with a younger and older brother and I have a very large extended family. I attended Barrington Municipal High school until I graduated in 2008. As a teenager I enjoyed lots of extra curricular activities such as Baseball, Student Council and Cadets. I’m a very dedicated person when I put my mind to it. After high school I moved to Halifax where I’m attending Saint Mary’s University studying Political Science. After studying Political Science for a year I decided to give politics a try and ran in the 2009 Nova Scotia Provincial Election, it was an amazing experience and taught me a lot of things. I currently live with two of my best friends, as well as my two year old Pug Royce ( yes named after Royce Gracie). I love watching MMA and spending time with my friends and my dog.

Reason I want to be a fighter: The first time I saw a Mixed Martial Arts bout was when my older brother rented UFC 11 from the local video store, and I knew right away I would love the sport but was too young at the time to truly appreciate it. My first Pay-per view I watched was UFC 52, watching Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture fight was amazing and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. Growing up with two brothers there was always a sparring partner around and this made my love for the sport grow and I knew some day I’d train to be a fighter. I want to be a fighter to show the rest of Canada that I was raised in a place where hard work is part of everyday life. The biggest reason I want to be a fighter is to make my family and community proud, my parents and community have done so much for me I want to show my appreciation by doing this for them!

Favorite MMA Fighters: My all time favorite fighter is Royce Gracie, I named my Pug after him and he shows that it’s more about heart and technique than brute strength. Randy Couture and of course George St-Pierre are also some of my favorites, I have too many to list them all.

Boyd SharpeBoyd Sharpe
40 Height: 5’8″
Current Weight: 160 Target Fighting Weight: 135
Profession/Employer: Project manager for a healthcare IT firm.

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Bio: I am a avid sportsman and welcome any challenge that gets me outside. My wife and I have been to together since the 80s and we have 3 awesome/terrible, delightful/aggravating and sweet/menacing children (all currently under the age of 5). What little free time I have is spent putting my children into situations that enable them to navigate the world in their own way and on their own terms. My every moment is driven by a thirst for knowledge and adventure. Over 20 years ago, when my dad asked me what I wanted to do with my life I said I wanted to have 10 jobs in 5 completely different careers. I am currently on career #3. I once built a boat in my basement, only to realize it was too large to be removed through our ‘existing’ doorways. On another occasion, during a brief love affair with animal husbandry, I hatched and raised 65 Bob White quail in my basement. I would not recommend this to anyone who values their marriage. A couple of years ago I was struck with in inexplicable desire to learn about horses. So, I took a second job on evenings and weekends as a farm hand  (yes, this was before we had kids) and worked for 3 months at Hatfield Farm Did I mention my wife is a saint?

Reason I want to be a fighter: I have an uncontrollable desire to test myself. I was always the smallest kid, no matter what sport or activity I was participating in. And being a late bloomer,  I spent my youth having to do more and try harder just to keep up. Being the perpetual underdog, I have learned to punch above my weight in everything I do. I can never leave a challenge unmet and no matter how many times I get knocked down I get back up. Most of all, and to my wife’s dismay, I am drawn to that which I fear most. Stepping into a cage and fighting another person on even terms terrifies me. Bring it on!

Favourite MMA Fighters: Sam Stout, GSP, Randy Couture, Jim Miller, Cain Velasquez, Junior DeSantos, Urijah Fabor.

Greg Southern

Age: 27  Height: 5’8″
Current weight: 178lbs Target fighting weight: 155lbs
Profession: Military

Bio: I was born in Digby hospital and grew up in Mt. Uniacke , Nova Scotia as an only child to 2 great parents…Besides training for this show I train 5 days a week doing strength and conditioning with a personal trainer and I lost 57lbs since april 2011…

Reason I want to fight: The reason why I want to fight is simple I have a raw desire to compete and see how I compare to other people…I am very competitive and want to do my best at anything I get involved in. It doesn’t matter to me if we are playing checkers or fighting in the cage i want to win every single time…

My favorite MMA stars are Ricky Goodall and Roger Hollett


Emily Sullivan
Age: 21 Height: 5’8 ”
Current Weight: 140 Target Fighting Weight:135
Profession / Employer:Full-time student at Dalhousie University and  part time Pharmacy Assistant/Cosmetician at Shoppers Drug Mart
Bio: I’m currently in my fourth year at Dalhousie University taking Diagnostic Cytology in the Health Sciences program.  I’m highly interested in fitness and health. This show will give me the opportunity to learn and appreciate the sport of MMA. Everyone knows my personality as being girly, shy and proper. No one would expect this of me and I’m really looking forward to starting!
Reason I want to be a fighter:I want to challenge myself to give my fullest dedication and focus to something out of my element.
Favorite MMA Fighter: Nick Diaz

Chad SymondsChad Symonds

Age: 21 Height: 6’1”
Current weight: 215 Target fight weight: 185

Profession/Employer: Full time student at Saint Mary’s University

Bio: I was born on March 30th 1990 and was raised in Woods Harbour Nova Scotia. I have four little brothers who are behind me 100% in my chance to become a pro fighter. Becoming a police officer has been a lifelong goal of mine. I have been living quite a straight life and taking the steps that I need to reach this goal. I am currently a criminology student at Saint Mary’s University learning all about our justice system. Becoming a professional fighter is going to teach me a lot of self defence and I would love nothing more than stating that I am a professional mixed martial artist in my resume.

Reason I want to be a fighter: I played sports all throughout high school and loved the competition. Since I left high school I haven’t had much chance to compete in any type of physical activity. I need competition in my life and I believe that fighting is the ultimate competition. MMA fighters need to acquire the broadest skill sets of any other athletes. Most athletes master one sport like basketball or golf whereas fighters need to master multiple sports like wrestling, jiu jitsu, muay thai and boxing. MMA can also be applied in more real life situations. If I were to be attacked on the streets knowing how to throw a nice head kick or a mean left hook would be a lot more beneficial then knowing how to throw a curveball.

Favourite MMA fighters: Randy Couture and Rory McDonald.

Ashley WelshAshley Welsh

Age: 24  Height: 5’5”
Current Weight: 155 Target Fighting Weight: TBD

Profession/Employer: Receptionist and Administrative Assistant to the Executive Vice President and Chief Economist at Greater Halifax Partnership

Bio: I have a college Diploma in Business Administration Management with a career background in shipbuilding, as well as oil and gas industries. Family and friends are very important to me and I try spending as much time with them as possible.  I also do volunteer work in my spare time at a local homeless shelter and really enjoy being able to take a hands on approach to helping those in need. I have always been fairly active growing up; playing competitive basketball for 9 years, softball for 6 years, and volleyball for 3 and have consistently maintained that competitive flair.  More recently I have had some very basic experience in combat sports and look forward to what this training program will bring.

Reason I want to be a fighter: Fighting has sentimental value to me- it’s in my blood.  My grandfather was a boxer in his 20’s, and I’m in my 20’s now.  I had some brief experience with kickboxing and boxing which brought my grandfather and I close, giving us a unique bond.  He was always giving me tips for new combinations and techniques, always asking me how training’s going, and the TV was often on the boxing channel. When my grandfather became ill, I decided to focus more seriously on training, with hopes that I could have him in my corner for my first fight.  Unfortunately, he passed away at the end of the summer and I was unable to persue that dream.

I want to become a professional MMA Fighter so that I can live my passion and fight in his honour.

Favorite MMA Fighter: Gina Carano

Jerome WilsonJerome Wilson

Age: 48  Height: 5’11.5″
Current Weight: 193  Target Fighting Weight: 170
Profession/Employer: Self-employed, Manufacturing

Bio: At the age of 14 did a brief amateur boxing stint. I have been in and out of various gyms, but work and running a business made me a bit inconsistent. Always followed the fight game and found my way back to fight-oriented gyms. Looking forward to pushing myself to the limit and testing my capabilities at 48 years of age. While I have a long way to go in the conditioning department, I still feel I can elevate to a competitive level. I am looking forward to seeing where this training takes me. Personal goal … turn back the clock and get one last kick at the can!

Reason I want to be a fighter: Surrounded by it, love it, great fitness and like the team aspect.

Favorite MMA Fighters: Chuck Liddell, Rampage Jackson … strikers in general.

Sonny Wilson
Age: 49 Height: 5’11”
Current Weight: 195 Target Fighting Weight:185 or 170
Profession / Employer: Self-employed, Protocol Network Services Ltd.
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Bio: I’ve been self-employed in the IT industry for more than 15 years, and working in IT more than 25 years. While this requires a lot of hours, I’ve managed to stay in good shape, doing marathons and triathlons, and then starting Brazilian Jujitsu lessons about 2 years ago. I’ve also always kept a heavy bag close by to keep up my striking skills. Nutrition is very important to me, going almost completely organic with my food choices. I believe an active lifestyle, positive attitude and good nutrition will keep the body and mind strong, and ready for any challenge.
Reason I want to be a fighter: Since my teenage amateur boxing days I’ve been searching for that same adrenaline rush you get when you face someone in that ring/cage. I’ve tried many sports since (eg. hockey, marathons, triathlons) and while challenging, they just don’t compare. I have an intense desire to challenge myself, to see how far I can push both mentally and physically. I don’t feel that my age is a factor at all.
Favorite MMA Fighters: Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, GSP, and several others.

Greg YorkeGregory Yorke
Age: 26 Height: 5’9″
Current Weight: 155-160 lbs. Target Fighting Weight: 145 lbs.
Profession/Employer: Retail sales for TELUS Mobility, freelance web & graphic design

Bio: What can I say? I enjoy a little bit of everything. I’ve been active my whole life, from skiiing to rugby to cycling and weight-lifting. I was born in BC and live in NS and have traveled the entire country from coast to coast, even recently making a hop across the pond, but that’s only a glimpse of a world I’d love to see more of. I’m a fan of all things TV, music and movies, often being the one to suggest a new show or artist to friends. Sales is my job, but web & graphic design is my passion. I’ve designed websites for local artists and athletes and most recently the poster for ECC Armageddon.

Reason I want to be a fighter: I’m of the percentage of people that doesn’t particularly enjoy punching nor getting punched in the face, but I see MMA as a challenge. Am I prepared to fall flat on my face (while getting punched in it)? Absolutely. But my goal is the ultimate reward of having a crowd cheer on my pro-debut. Whatever the outcome, I’ll have a story that few else can tell and, as the Most Interesting Man In The World would say, it’s never too early to start beefing up your obituary.

Favorite MMA Fighter: Chael Sonnen